pátek 2. března 2018

pátek 15. září 2017


Thanks to Wolker and his wonderful wife arrived this beautiful postcard from Seychelles. Big thank for the effort belongs to both of you! Hopefully I can visit this amazing place in future too!

Sri Lanka

This beautiful drawing postcard arrived from friends Ivet and Vlada from their holiday in Sri Lanka. Thank you very much! Keep travelling, we love postcards from you at every time!


Krakow postcard arrived from friends Ivet and Vlada in December 2015. Thank you very much!

Greece - Crete

A postcard from holiday in Crete, Greece arrived from my brother Honza and his family. Thank you a lot!


Postcard from holiday in Croatia arrived from my niece Anička and her family. Thank you very much!

čtvrtek 14. září 2017

Czech Republic - Mining Cultural Landscape Krušnoroří - UNESCO Tentative list

Only a few towns in the world have played such an important role in the development of mining and metallurgy as Jáchymov (Joachimsthal). Founded in 1516 on a rock slope in the Erzgebirge, the town is one of the birthplaces for the sciences of mining, metallurgy and mineralogy, the main foundations of which were provided in the 16th century by Georgius Agricola. In 1716, the world’s first mining school was founded in Jáchymov. In the Svornost mine, which is still functional today, uranium ore was extracted systematically for the first time in the world, an achievement that dates back to the 19th century. In 1898, Marie Curie isolated the radioactive elements radium and polonium for the first time in Jáchymov ores. Up until the outbreak of the First World War, Jáchymov was a world leader in the production of radium. In 1906, the first radon spa in the world was founded in Jáchymov. Radioactive water is still extracted from the Svornost mine for curative purposes today.